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Complete Thurow reference appears in bibliography What strategies can I use to paraphrase? Like drought, excess rainfall and flooding can also contribute to epidemics of waterborne infectious diseases, in this case due to poor sanitation resulting from runoff from overwhelmed sewage lines or the contamination of water by livestock. Love, Medicine and Miracles p. dissertation writing coach phd The narrator writes of the complaint she has made to the hotel staff about the poor accommodation. Which of you is playing a trick on me?

The minister and his aides left the difficult meeting with an air of relief. Drying clothes outdoors is more environmentally-friendly than tumble drying. college application essay services funny The ghost of Banquo has entered and sat in Macbeth's place at the table. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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The officer takes pity on the bereaved mother by allowing her to remember her son as courageous. Macbeth is shocked and frightened by the appearance of Banquo's ghost at his table. Paraphrasing sites quiz Siegel writes that the relationship between the chemicals in the brain and our thoughts and feelings remains only partially understood. You will not find another free text rewriting software online that creates better content than Paraphrasing-Tool. Love, Medicine and Miracles p.

It's not always possible to quote the passages you would like to discuss; sometimes passages are too long and at other times too many quotes make your writing clumsy. Why is this plagiarism? Skip to main content. Paraphrasing sites quiz This is difficult because writers choose their words with care, which can make your own words sound poor in comparison. Changed Sentence Structure When there is an overabundance of rainfall, two situations can occur:

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What should come in the body of the essay before a writer paraphrases? The Brother Officer went out quietly after telling some lies to the poor old dear. The next minute Curley was flopping like a fish on a line, and his closed fist was lost in Lennie's big hand.

John Brown says that small dogs are aggressive because they see themselves as body guards, but large dogs see the entire property as their domain George made him let go. We do not yet understand all the ways in which brain chemicals are related to emotions and thoughts, but the salient point is that our state of mind has an immediate and direct effect on our state of body. custom essays review a10 Quoting directly from dialogue can sound very clumsy. Jem yanked my hair, said he didn't care, he'd do it again if he got a chance, and if I didn't shut up he'd pull every hair out of my head.

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Words like world, food, or science are so basic to our vocabulary that is difficult to find a synonym. We do not yet understand all the ways in which brain chemicals are related to emotions and thoughts, but the salient point is that our state of mind has an immediate and direct effect on our state of body. Paraphrasing sites quiz The couple spent three years learning the language before their permanent move to France.

Answers entered for the math challenge questions must be numeric only, so with the possibility of a negative '-' symbol if the answer is negative -- not a-z, A-Z, or any other special character. What did the writer do? Change clauses to phrases and vice versa. Paraphrasing sites quiz The writer has kept the same exact sentence structure The writer had only substituted synonyms in certain places; in others the wording is exactly the same as that of the original. Current political and economic incentives favor industry and other interest groups at the expense of health:

Please take the quiz to rate it. Jem and Scout fought for a while and stopped when Scout was hurt. Paraphrasing sites quiz Paraphrasing A paraphrase is a restatement. Choose the answer which best paraphrases the following. A copy of this quiz is in your dashboard.

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